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Who Is Harmeet Dhillon? Harmeet Kaur Dhillon (born October 2, 1968) is an American lawyer and republican party official. She is the former vice chairman of the California Republican Party and the National Committee woman of the Republican National Committee for California. She owns a law firm called Dhillon Law Group Inc.

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Early life and education

After attending elementary school in Bronx, New York while her father completed his medical school, Harmeet Dhillon grew up in Smithfield, North Carolina, but for five years her mother drove her 72 miles to a private school in Raleigh, North Carolina. .

She attended Dartmouth College at the age of 16 and wrote for the conservative student newspaper Dartmouth Review. In her junior year she became editor at the Dartmouth Review. During that time, the review was criticized for publishing an article that attacked the university president James O. Freedman, comparing the Jewish Freedman to Adolf Hitler. Dhillon “denied that the column was anti-Semitic and said the point had been misinterpreted by people trying to distort the issue for their own purposes.” She added, “I could see if you were Jewish, maybe you would be offended.” She said she had asked several Jewish staffers to read the column before she was published, and they told her they were not offended and that they did not expect the column to be considered anti-Semitic.
Legal career and political activism

She was an unsuccessful candidate for the California Assembly from San Francisco in 2008, in a district with only 8% registered Republicans. She surveyed 17% against Democrat Tom Ammiano, the strongest Republican result since 1994. Her mother had picked up her $250,000 war chest from the Indian-American community. She ran for the California Senate in 2012, but she was unsuccessful.

Dhillon filed a lawsuit against UC Berkeley in April 2017 on behalf of berkeley college Republicans (BCR) and the Young America’s Foundation for Freedom of Expression, in particular the school that canceled Ann Coulter’s speech.

In August 2017, James Damore, google’s memo writer, hired Dhillon as his lawyer against Google. Dhillon’s company has said it is also prepared to represent more Google employees who have similar stories to Damore, although Dhillon has already lost an appeal to the National Labour Relations Board. Damore’s lawsuit against Google was also dismissed under a mandatory arbitration clause, but the case continues without him

Dhillon had filed a lawsuit against racial and religious discrimination in 2007; she cited a New Jersey ruling requiring fire departments to house the beards of Muslim men. She has also been heavily criticized by Republican activists for her ties to the American Civil Liberties Union and her previous contributions to Kamala Harris’ political campaigns.

Journalist Andy Ngo retained Dhillon as his lawyer after being attacked in the street by masked and unmasked antifa protesters in Portland, Oregon, in June 2019.

On July 11, 2019, Dhillon was introduced by President Trump and gave a speech at the President’s Social Media Summit.
Titles and performance

Dhillon was elected to the board of the California Republican Party in 2013 and became the National Committee woman for the Republican National Committee in 2016. She also held the opening prayer at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Punjabi, a first at the RNC.

She is a former board member of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California.

In early 2017, Dhillon interviewed as assistant attorney general for civil rights at the Trump Administration Department of Justice. In the end, Trump eventually chose Eric Dreiband for that position.

Dhillon led the successful effort to remove Chad Mayes as the Republican caucus leader of the California State Assembly in August 2017.

Her law firm, Dhillon Law Group, successfully represented former BCR president Troy Worden in October 2017, rejecting a temporary restraining order and defeating BAMN organiser Yvette Felarca’s permanent restraining order.