Grant Stinchfield (Newsmax TV): Bio & Wiki

Who is Grant Stinchfield? Grant Stinchfield is a four-time Emmy-winning journalist who hosts the prime-time show “Stinchfield” on Newsmax TV. He gained popularity when he worked as a lead host on NRATV. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from Denison University in 1991.

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“Grant has an impeccable track record in television journalism with the awards that prove it. It will provide our viewers with solid news reports with information they can’t find anywhere else,” said Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax Media Inc.

Stinchfield, a Native of New York, launched his television career at KECI-TV in Missoula, Montana, where he reported and presented the morning newscast.

Then, as an investigative reporter on WVIX-TV in West Hartford, Connecticut, he described the unsolved murders in the Emmy-winning series, “Open Case: Truth Tracking.”

One report led directly to the arrest of four murderers who murdered a young man while driving home from work.

In 2002, Stinchfield joined KXAS-TV, an NBC affiliate working in Dallas-Fort Worth, and spearheaded the Emmy-winning “Identity Crisis,” which resulted in 14 new laws designed not only to prevent identity theft, but to help victims recover.

He also exposed flaws in Dallas police procedures that limited officers’ ability to arrest drug dealers. That led to changes that gave the police greater flexibility to pursue suspects.

Stinchfield is best known for his work with the NRA and for helping that organization launch NRATV where he was the lead host. His program was instrumental in hold lawmakers accountable when it comes to fighting for our Second Amendment rights.

Stinchfield is also a former research reporter who won four Emmy Awards. He then became the host of the popular afternoon auto chat show about KLIF in Dallas.

After 20 years in Dallas, Grant calls Texas home. It is where a medium-sized trucking company that hires tractor-trailers to Fortune 500 companies continues to operate. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Denison University and a master’s degree from Quinnipiac University. He lives with his fiancée and 11-year-old son.