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Giulia Baleriani: Bio, Cosplay, Fitness, Instagram (With Pics)

Who is Giulia Baleriani?

Giulia Baleriani is an italian fitness trainer and digital artist who is being well-known for dressed as Chu-Li from Street Fighter. Giulia Baleriani is a beautiful cosplayer whose being admired because of her muscular body.


Giulia Baleriani is 25 years old.


Giulia Baleriani cosplaying as Chun-Li From Street Figther
Giulia Baleriani cosplaying as Chun-Li From Street Fighter and showing her biceps.

Since 1987, Street Fighter has been one of Capcom’s most popular fighting games.
The title, which is based on the manga Karate Baka ichidai, is one of the most successful video game franchises of all time and serves as one of Capcom’s flagship series, with global sales of 46 million units as of December last year.

Cosplayer Giulia Valeriani pays tribute to Street Fighter’s first female fighter by bringing the character to life.

Giulia Valeriani, 25, also goes by the handle moonchild 77 on Instagram, is a fitness trainer and digital artist when she isn’t busting moves and dressing up as Street Fighter’s Chu-Li.
Giulia honed Chu-strength Li with toned muscles that are certain to defeat anyone in her path.

Giulia elevates the “strongest woman in the world” to new heights by wearing a black sleeveless evening gown and Chun-signature Li’s hairstyle in one image.

Giulia can also be seen wearing Chun-frightening Li’s spiked metal bracelets, which aid in toning and exercising her body while performing her kicking moves, as well as stabilizing her center of gravity during a Hyakuretsukyaku and containing her during supers such as the Senretsukyaku to avoid overexerting her muscles.
Naturally, the spikes are used for intimidation purposes as well.

If you like Giulia’s Chu-Li, you should also check out her Morrigan Aensland cosplay, a fictional antiheroine and the female protagonist in Capcom’s Darkstalkers series, as well as many others.
As a disclaimer, many of the images are NSFW.


Giulia Valeriani has an Instagram account with the username @moonchild_77. Giulia has 666 posts in her account and has 194k followers. She posts her daily pictures or cosplay on her Instagram. She also has a second Instagram account where she posts her IG works that you can follow here:


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