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Frankie Lons: Net Worth, Wikipedia, Funeral, Biography (UPDATED)

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Frankie Lons : Bio,Wiki,Age,Net Worth,Birthday,Siblings (2021)

Who is Frankie Lons?

Frankie Lons is Keyshia Cole’s biological mother, died of an overdose on Sunday (18 July 2021), after a long battle with addiction.

Francine Lons ‘Frankie’ was best known as the biological mother of American singer, songwriter, actor, and television producer Keyshia Cole. According to TMZ, her mother died on Sunday, July 18, 2021, at the age of 61, after reportedly overdosing during her birthday party.

Sam Cole, Keyshia Cole’s brother, claims he was checking in with Frankie on a regular basis, attempting to help her remain clean… a well-documented fight that Keyshia and co. had filmed and publicly shared in recent years… via television, social media, and other means.


According to Yahoo News, Frankie Lons, the mother of R&B star Keyshia Cole, died on her birthday on Sunday at her Oakland, California home. According to TMZ, 61-year-old Lons, who was renowned for appearing in a couple of Cole’s unscripted TV plays, died of an overdose.

Sam, the “Adoration” singer’s sister, confirmed the story on Monday, telling TMZ that Lons relapsed into narcotics in her Oakland, California home while celebrating her 61st birthday.

According to the website, Lons had been on a “long and difficult journey to temperance” and had impressively recorded 60 clean days in March 2020.

Cole, 39, has yet to make a public statement on her mother’s death, and her agency has yet to respond to our request for comment.

Previously, the R&B artist has been vocal about investigating Lons’ problems with temperance.

“Every time my mom backslides [sic], she gets me even more unhappy than I was before,” Cole said on Instagram in August 2018.


According to rumors, Frankie Lons was arrested earlier this month for a probation breach after failing a random drug test, however, her spokesperson claims otherwise.

Lons, renowned for her BET spin-off reality program Frankie & Neffe as well as her stay on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab, was arrested in an Atlanta suburb yesterday and is back in jail for probation violation after being caught in possession of drug paraphernalia. sigh

Adoptive Parents

Leon and Yvonne Cole, family friends, adopted Keyshia at an early age. She gained her surname after marrying into the Cole family. Yvonne is also featured on the singer’s fourth album, ‘Calling All Hearts.’ She also wrote a song called When Will Heaven Call with her son Sean and Keyshia.

Naffeteria Pugh, Elite Noel, and Sean Cole are the singer’s three siblings.

Net Worth

Frankie Lons is an actress best known for her roles in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew (2008) and Frankie and Neffe (2009). In 2021, Frankie Lons has a Net Worth of $1 Million.

Cause of Death

“I trust, if any of you are managing a relative who is struggling with illegal drug usage, that you, all things considered, are finding out how to manage the battle, and all the agony that watching a friend or family member brings. constantly backslide,” he proceeded at that point.

” Seeing people return to the highways because that’s what they’re used to, or would want to be, I genuinely miss you! Also, I’ll always cherish you #FrankTheBank “.

In 2019, Lons appeared on Cole’s BET small-scale series “Keyshia Cole: My New Life,” where they had numerous intimate talks, including one concerning dying.

Lons is Cole’s biological mother, although she was the Grammy-winning one. She was adopted by two family members, Leon and Yvonne Cole when she was two years old.

How old was Frankie Lons? Frankie Lons was 61 years old.