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Who is Franita Tolson? Franita Tolson is the Vice Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs as well as Professor of Law at The University of Southern California Gould School of Law, located in Los Angeles, California. She’s also an election law analyst for CNN and a voting rights expert. She earned her Juris Doctor degree from The University of Chicago Law School in 2005. In 2021, her book In Congress We Trust?: Enforcing Voting Rights from the Founding to the Jim Crow Era will be published.

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Tolson is vice dean of academic and faculty affairs and professor of law at the Gould School of Law at the University of Southern California. Tolson teaches constitutional law and electoral law.

Tolson’s research on electoral law, constitutional law, legal history and labor discrimination has appeared in major legal journals, including Yale Law Journal, University of Pennsylvania Law Review, Vanderbilt Law Review and Boston University Law Review. His next book, “In Congress We Trust?: Enforcing Voting Rights from the Founding to the Jim Crow Era,” will be published in 2021 by Cambridge University Press.

“Professor Tolson is a nationally recognized election law scholar, and we are so pleased that she is able to join KU Law to share her knowledge and expertise with the law school community,” said Uma Outka, the faculty’s associate dean and William R. Scott Professor of Law at KU Law. “Although we would have loved to be able to host her in person at Green Hall, the virtual setting has allowed us to open her lecture more broadly to alumni and legal scholars elsewhere that would not otherwise be able to join us.”

Tolson has also written or appeared as a commentator for several media outlets, including The New York Times, Reuters and Bloomberg Law. Tolson is also an election law analyst for CNN during the 2020 election cycle.