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Erika Donalds: Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Parents

Who is Erika Donalds? Erika Donalds is a politician in the United States of America. Erika Donalds is the wife of Bryan Donalds. The couple has three sons and is happily married. Erika Donald’s Instagram account is @ErikaDonalds. She currently has approximately 1.1k followers.

Erika Donalds: Bio, Wikipedia, Age, Parents


Meet Erika Donalds, who is well-known as the wife of Republican Representative Byron Donalds.

Byron went viral in June 2021 for defending former President Trump on CNN. His claims that “Donald Trump has rejected white supremacy” were met with a super-cut of the former president making inflammatory remarks.

Naturally, his wife drew considerable attention from both supporters and detractors. As a result, we’ve included this Erika Donalds biography to assuage everyone’s curiosity.


Erika Donalds was born on August 13, 1980 in St. Louis, Missouri. As of 2022, she would be 41 years old; two years younger than her husband Byron.

Erika is a Leo by birth.

On Erika’s 40th birthday, Byron took to Instagram to share a picture of the two of them captioned,

“Happy Birthday to my incredible 17-year-old wife, @ErikaDonalds. She is an amazing partner and mother to our three sons. We are grateful for her commitment to our community and her support over the last year. I am truly blessed.”


Erika Donalds is a citizen of the United States of America.

She was born and raised in Tampa, Florida, before relocating to Tallahassee, Florida, at the age of 18. Even in 2021, she remained in her hometown, relocating to Naples, Florida.

Parents, Maiden Name

Erika Donalds is the daughter of Gayla Blanton Lees, the owner/president of The Real Connection Marketing Group. Gayla, her mother, is a Hillsborough Community College graduate who previously worked at The Optima Foundation as the marketing director. Gayla (born May 27) was still alive and well in 2021 at the age of 69.

Erika’s father’s identity was unknown.

Apart from her parents, Erika’s affection for the family was equally divided between her younger brother, Preston Lees, 3, and her parents (birthday: July 15). He graduated from Full Sail University and went on to work for The Real Connection Marketing Group as the art director. Additionally, he worked at Mt Brighton as a “Content Specialist / Competition Service.”

Erika Donalds was born Erika Brynne “Lees” Brynne.

Erika’s maternal grandfather Linwood Dewalt Jr. died on September 29, 2016 at the age of 93.


Erika Donalds is a petite woman standing at just under 5 feet 5 inches tall (165 cm). She is quite petite in comparison to her husband, Byron Donalds, who stands at 6 feet 1 inch (185 cm).

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Facebook, Instagram

Erika had 1.2K followers on Instagram @erikadonalds and 2.7K followers on Facebook @@edonalds as of June 2021.

Additionally, her Twitter account @ErikaDonalds had 2.9K followers at the time.

Her private Facebook page can be found at @erikadonalds.

Career, Net Worth

Erika Donalds is the president and CEO of The Optima Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Others claim the organization was founded to promote the establishment of free public charter schools and to increase students’ access to a high-quality education.

Erika previously worked as the DGHM & Co. LLC’s “chief financial officer/chief compliance officer & managing partner” for over 16 years. Meanwhile, from 2017 to 2018, she served as the Commissioner of the Local Government Committee Chair at the Florida Constitution Revision Commission.

Additionally, she served on the Collier Country Public School’s school board for over four years.

Erika earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Florida State University from 1998 to 2002. Later that year, she enrolled in a one-year accounting course at Florida Atlantic University.

Erika Donalds amassed a net worth of over $1 million by 2021.

Weddings and Children

Erika first met Byron Donalds while still a student at Florida State University in the early 2000s. Both were members of the Delta Sigma Pi business fraternity at the time, and it was only a matter of time before they crossed paths.

After years of dating, the couple married on 15 March 2003.

Erika and Byron had been married for over 17 years and had three children as of 2021. Damon Donalds is the eldest, and he was quite the football player. In 2021, at the Community School of Naples, the 6 feet 2 inches (187 cm) rising football player signed a letter of intent with Holy Cross.

Erika, her husband, and their children formed a happy family that was also religious. They were a devout Christian who dressed impeccably to commemorate the birth of Savior Jesus Christ.

8 Interesting Facts About Erika Donalds

  1. Erika Donalds is best known as Byron Donalds’ wife, and she is occasionally referred to as Erika B. Donalds.
  2. Erika Donald’s net worth is unknown. However, we can make educated guesses about his unreported enormous net worth.
  3. As of 2021, the official Wikipedia page for Erika Donalds does not exist, but we hope to see it very soon.
  4. Erika Donalds’s age is unknown. Erika Donalds’ exact birthdate and age are unknown at the moment, but we hope to update this section as soon as we come across the information.
  5. Erika Donalds and her husband, Byron Donalds, have three sons. Damon, Darin, and Mason are their three children. They frequently appear alongside their parents in social media posts and political campaigns.
  6. The complete insider information on Erika Donald’s family and whereabouts is not available at the moment, except for information about her husband and sons.
  7. Erika Donalds is also the founder and president of the Optima Foundation, a Florida-based non-profit organization dedicated to the establishment of various colleges and educational institutions for the benefit of students.
  8. Donalds earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Florida State University and a Master of Science in Accounting from Florida Atlantic University.


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