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Who is Elaine Culotti?

Self-produced millionaire who created her own brand in the real estate world, Elaine Culotti can now be seen as a participant in the Discovery Undercover Billionaire season 2 show. The first episode of Season 2 premiered on January 6, 2021. Elaine is the founder, farmer, real estate developer, interior designer and now a reality TV star. House of Rock is her fine achievement in real estate. Elaine is now set to grow the spirit of a depressed American who lost a job in the midst of a pandemic by showing how one can be a millionaire using one’s drive, knowledge and enthusiasm through the Undercover Billionaire show. She is given only $ 100, a vehicle and a phone without WIFI, and 90 days to turn that $ 100 into a million.

Elaine Culotti Age, Birthday, Parents, Siblings

Born in the year 1964 to an English mother and an American Irish military father, Elaine Culotti is now 56 years old. Elaine celebrated her 56th birthday on July 20, 2020. Elaine traveled around the world during her childhood while her father was in the army. Her mother was an orphan who was left on the street at the age of 18 with only $ 100 in hand. Thus a struggle to survive and move upward with independent existence, she learned from her mother of hers. Elaine traveled all over Europe, Germany, England, Italy. When Elaine was only 14, she invested in the import of textiles and antiques. Later in her teens, she Elaine owned her own little shoeshine business which she sold to a man she couldn’t handle properly. Elaine took the business once again and sold it to another guy. Thus, she made a good profit from her first business venture.

Elaine Culotti Career Bio: Undercover billionaire

Elaine began her entrepreneurial endeavor at the age of 14. When Elaine was 23, she made a good amount of profit from her little shoe shine business by selling to another man. She then she invested in imported and retail antiques, collectibles and textiles. She started her own company called Porta Bella Designs which specializes in incorporating a manufacturing facility. It was led by then-husband Gary Culotti. Elaine then extended her studio to real estate development and assembled a roster of trusted contractors, painters, architects and craftsmen to produce one brilliantly designed project after another. Culotti’s well-known project is her house called Hose of Rock in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. It was a 1926 Tudor-style mansion that Elaine upgraded into a pop-up showroom and luxury event space that she sold for a huge profit. Elaine also owns a 40-acre Big Z Ranch in Fallbrook, California and works with local farms to put together boxes of fresh farm produce that are delivered directly to customers’ doorstep. She is now part of an Undercover Billionaire reality TV show that airs on Discovery Network from January 6, 2021. On the show, Elaine will turn a $ 100 bill into a million within just 90 days by starting a business from scratch.

Elaine Culotti Husband, Married, Divorced, Children Speaking of Elaine

Culotti’s married life, she is currently not married to anyone. However, in her time, Elaine was married to her husband Gary Culotti. The exact date of Elaine’s wedding day and her husband remains a mystery, but not their wedding. Elaine Culotti and her spouse Gary got married for quite some time before she decided to call it quit. From their marital union, Elaine and her husband Gary have two adult children: Leonardo and Jessica Culotti. Leonardo resides in Fallbrook, California, while Jessica remains in Los Angeles. At the time they married, Gary Culotti was involved in Elaine’s design and real estate business. Gary took care of the manufacturing section of their business. In the photo Elaine Culotti’s husband with her children. Gary manufactured the furniture at the Porta Bella plant, a 25,000-square-foot property that also produces custom draperies, cabinets, and other design elements. In October 2010, Elaine with her husband Gary and their friend Greg Briles formed an alliance to buy and redo an estate in Santa Monica. However, the partnership soon fell apart and he faced a lawsuit. Elaine and Gary at the same time decided to separate. But despite the divorce, Elaine is on friendly terms with her ex-husband.

Elaine Culotti Net Worth 2021

Elaine throughout her real estate career is acclaimed for her work including House of Rock and Ultimate Bachelor Pad. She worked alongside Esquire magazine for their annual showcase in 2010.

Currently, Elaine owns her own design company, a huge organic farm, and is also a reality show star now. From all the various sources of income she has, Elaine Culotti has managed to amass a net worth of $ 200 million as of 2021.

Elaine Culotti Social Media

Elaine is active on Instagram as a lipstickfarmer with 44 posts and 823 followers. You have defined yourself as a designer, developer, entrepreneur and sustainable farmer.

Elaine joined Twitter @ElaineCulotti in November 2020 and to date she has gained 195 followers. She tweeted about her Undercover Billionaire show.

On her Facebook account of her Elaine Culotti shared photos of her farm and how she had to stop the farming business to be on display, Undercover Billionaire. Her Facebook posts about her were followed by 114 people and followed by 152 people.

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