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Who is Derrick Chauvin? Derek Chauvin (Police Officer) is a former US police officer who served with the Minneapolis Police Department. He gained international media attention in late May 2020, after he killed George Floyd for allegedly using a fake $ 20 bill. Constable Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for at least seven minutes as he was handcuffed and lying on his chest on the road. Chauvin’s assassination of Floyd sparked outrage across America and contributed to the Minneapolis riots in May 2020.

Derek Chauvin : Bio,Wikipedia,Children

On May 29, 2020, Chauvin was arrested and charged with third degree murder and manslaughter in the murder of George Floyd.

On Monday June 8, 2020, Chauvin saw his deposit set at $ 1.25 million. A judge set an unconditional bond at $ 1.25 million or $ 1 million with conditions.


Chauvin had been an officer with the Minneapolis Police Department since about 2001. Chauvin had 18 complaints on his official record, two of which ended in disciplinary action from the department, including formal letters of reprimand.

He had been involved in three police shootings, one of which was fatal.

Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Derek Chauvin was born on March 19, 1976. He turned 44 as he celebrated his birthday in March 2020.

At his date of birth, he occupied Pisces for a sign of the zodiac.

Wiki – Parents, Siblings, Family

Derek Chauvin was born to his father Robert Michael Chauvin and his mother Carolyn Runge in Ramsey, Minnesota. Married for nearly a decade, her parents separated after their divorce. After the divorce, her mother remarried.

No further details about Derek’s parents have been shared at the time of posting this wiki on Derek’s life and career. And, that included details about his possible siblings.

Size, weight, distinct Measurement

Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters) with an approximate body weight of 63 kilograms (140 pounds).

Woman, Children, Divorce

Derek Chauvin met his wife Kellie at Hennepin Medical Center. Duty officer Derek was at the medical center for a suspect’s health check before locking him up in jail.

Derek Chauvin’s wife Kellie Chauvin filed for divorce

After putting his suspect in jail, Derek returned to the medical center to ask Kellie on a date.

Kellie is a Laotian refugee who first moved to the Thai refugee camp before settling in the United States. In 2019, she earned the title of Ms. Minnesota, the first woman to do so of Hmong origin. At the time of writing this piece, she worked as a licensed real estate agent.

Derek and Kellie tied the knot in 2010. At the time, she had two children from her first marriage.

On May 29, 2020, Kellie Chauvin’s lawyer released a statement. The statement revealed that she had filed for divorce. In addition, she asked for the safety and privacy of her children and extended family.

Video of the arrest of a passer-by filmed

Part of the arrest was videotaped by a passer-by and posted on Facebook Live. This video has gone viral.

When the video begins, George Floyd is already stuck chest to the ground, and Agent Chauvin is kneeling on his neck. Floyd repeatedly said to Chauvin, “Please”, and “I can’t breathe”, while moaning, moaning and sobbing. A passer-by said to the police, “You knocked him down. Let him breathe.

After floyd says, “I’m about to die, Chauvin tells Floyd to relax.” The police ask Floyd, “What do you want?” Floyd repeats, “I can’t breathe.” Floyd continues, “Please, knee in my neck, I can’t breathe. The cops taunt Floyd for “getting up and getting in the car,” to which Floyd replies, “I’m going … I can’t move.” Floyd also shouts, “Mom! Floyd protests, “My stomach hurts, my neck hurts, everything hurts” and asks for water. The police do not audibly respond to Floyd. Floyd begs, “Don’t kill me. “

A passerby points out that Floyd is bleeding from his nose. Another passerby told police that Floyd “isn’t even resisting arrest right now. Police tell passers-by that Floyd “was talking, he’s fine”; a spectator replies that Floyd “is not doing well. The passer-by protests that the police were preventing Floyd from breathing, urging them to “get him off the ground … You could have put him in the car.” He doesn’t resist arrest or nothing. It suits you. Look at you. Your body language.

Floyd ends up being quiet and still, but Chauvin doesn’t lift his knee from Floyd’s neck. Passers-by protest that Floyd was not “responsive,” and repeatedly ask the police to check Floyd’s pulse. A passerby asks, “Did they kill him? “

An ambulance finally arrives, and Chauvin does not remove his knee until emergency medical services put Floyd’s unresponsive body on a stretcher. The body is loaded into the ambulance, and taken away.

A passerby says the police “really killed” Floyd. Chauvin had knelt on Floyd’s neck for about 8 minutes and 46 seconds, including about three minutes after Floyd had stopped moving.

Ambulance medics checked Floyd’s pulse several times, but found none. He was pronounced dead in hospital.

Previous incidents of use of force and misconduct

Chauvin has been involved in numerous use of force incidents during his career.

In 2006, Chauvin and five other people responded to a stabbing. After Wayne Reyes allegedly fired a shotgun at the officers, one of the officers shot Reyes, according to a report titled “Stolen Lives” from Communities United Against Police Brutality, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit police watchdog. .

In 2008, Chauvin shot and injured Ira Latrell Toles in a domestic assault call. Chauvin and other officers reported to the apartment in southern Minneapolis just after 2m. Chauvin and his partner from the police entered the house, facing Ira Latrell Toles, whose partner had made the 911 call. Toles ran away from the couple, but “they caught and tried to subdue him”, according to a police statement. According to the statement, Toles “grabbed one of the agent’s weapons,” and Chauvin shot him in the chest.

In 2011, he was one of 5 police officers cleared after police shot Little Earth. They were responding to reports of a shooting. Leroy Martinez, a 23-year-old Alaskan native, was spotted running away from the scene, and officers gave chase, local news reported. Police say Martinez brandished a pistol as he fled. Terry Nutter, one of the officers who intervened, shot Martinez.

An eyewitness, reported by the Star Tribune, disputed police claims that Martinez was holding a pistol when he was shot. “There was no point in shooting this little boy,” Delora Iceman told the Star Tribune. She said Martinez dropped the gun and held his arms up before the police shot him.

During his nearly two decades with the Minneapolis Police Department, Chauvin has been the subject of several internal complaints, according to a CUAPB database.

In three separate reviews by the Civil Review Authority, he was found to have used “demeaning tone”, “derogatory language” and “language – other”. No further details were available. He also underwent seven reviews by the local Police Conduct Office. Each exam concludes: “Closed – No discipline. No further details were available.


On May 29, 2020, Chauvin was arrested and charged with murder in the murder of George Floyd. He was charged with third degree murder and manslaughter. The Bureau of Criminal Arrest took Chauvin into custody at 11:44 a.m. Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman said an investigation is ongoing into the other three officers involved, all of whom have been fired. On June 3, 2020, Derek Chauvin was also charged with involuntary second degree murder. He is represented by Eric Nelson of Halberg Criminal Defense.

Freeman said his office wanted to focus on “the most dangerous perpetrator,” and that “this is by far the fastest we have ever tasked a police officer with. In a criminal complaint filed Friday afternoon, prosecutors wrote that Chauvin “had his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds.” Two minutes and 53 seconds of this was after Mr. Floyd was “non-responsive.” He also wrote that “police are trained that this type of restraint with a subject in a supine position is inherently dangerous,” prosecutors wrote in the complaint, which said police met with Floyd while investigating the case. possible use of a fake $ 20 bill.

Prosecutors wrote that Floyd complied with police orders to leave his vehicle, but that he was not “willingly” to get into their police car. “As he stood outside the car, Mr. Floyd started saying over and over again that he couldn’t breathe,” they wrote. Floyd was soon brought back to the ground. One officer held Floyd’s back, another his legs, as Chauvin placed his left on Floyd’s neck. Floyd repeated, “I can’t breathe”, “Mum” and “please” as the minutes passed.

Finally, an officer asked, “Should we roll it onto its side?” Prosecutors said Chauvin replied, “No, stay where we got it. Officer Thomas Lane said, “I’m concerned about excited delirium or whatever,” a condition associated with the deaths of officers involved.

None of the three officers left their post, “prosecutors wrote. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is also investigating whether civil rights charges are appropriate. Hennepin County Attorney Freeman said Friday he developed the appropriate evidence to lay the charge within hours. During the night, violence erupted in the Twin Cities, with protesters setting fire to the police station where the four policemen were working.

Benjamin Crump, a lawyer representing Floyd’s family, called the arrest “a step towards justice.”
“Now the officers who stood there and did nothing to save George need to be arrested and charged like this,” Crump wrote.

Previous relationship with George Floyd

George Floyd and cop Derek Chauvin knew each other before the fatal encounter in which Chauvin held his knee to Floyd’s neck for at least eight minutes as Floyd said he couldn’t breathe, a town official and a bar owner said.

Minneapolis City Council vice president Andrea Jenkins told CNN and MSNBC that Floyd and Chauvin were long-term colleagues who worked security at the same bar, El Nuevo Rodeo.

Speaking to KSTP-TV, former bar owner Maya Santamaria said Chauvin worked off security outside for 17 years while Floyd worked inside the bar. Santamaria said she sold the club a few months ago.

Looting and disturbances

Shortly after the death protests of George Floyd which turned into looting and riots took place in the streets of Minneapolis. Other protests took place across the country. At one point, officers formed a human shield around Derek Chauvin’s residence, as angry protesters gathered outside. Protesters reportedly blocked the delivery of food to the ex-policeman. Many businesses were destroyed and at one point the Minneapolis Police Department was set on fire.

Relationship with Kellie Chauvin

Chauvin’s wife, Kellie Chauvin, filed for divorce shortly after his arrest.

Kellie is Tou Thao’s sister. Kelly first met Derek Chauvin at a Minneapolis hospital where she worked in the emergency room.


On Monday June 8, 2020, Chauvin had his first court appearance. He appeared in Hennepin County court via video stream from the state maximum security prison in Oak Park Heights, wearing an orange jumpsuit and blue mask, his hands cuffed. The $ 1 million conditional bail requires Chauvin to appear for all future court appearances, not work as a security guard, and not have a firearms or firearms license. He also forbids Chauvin to leave the state and have any contact with Floyd’s family.

Three other former officers, Alexander Kueng, Thomas Lane and Tou Thao, are accused of aiding and abetting Floyd’s death. Last week they were sentenced to $ 750,000 bail. All four officers were fired.

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