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Who is Dean Slover?According to Dean Slover’s LinkedIn account, he was a partner at two nightclubs in Arizona: The Mint and The Sand Bar. According to his Facebook page, Slover works at Whiskey Rush, a nightclub in Aspen, Colorado and lives in San Juan. , Puerto Rico. Below Deck airs Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

In the Below Deck episode ‘Bosun Blues’, bosuns Kelley Johnson and Nico Scholly screw up and their mistake causes charter guests to land on a beach. It was temporary, but return charter host Dean Slover is a proponent of schedules. This is Dean’s third appearance in Below Deck. In the past, he criticized Kate for having a “bitchy resting face” and called Ben for “tasteless” meals. On Valor, Dean’s take on Ben’s cooking methods hasn’t changed much.

Who Is Recurring #BelowDeck Charter Guest Dean Slover?

In one of the most memorable moments in Below Deck history, charter guest Dean Slover made some sleazy comments about stewed boss Kate Chastain, claiming to have “the whore face at rest,” to which he replied by folding his blanket in. a rather suggestive form of “rocket ship”. Even though the two have had their moments of shadow (and more scandalous cover-ups in later cards), there’s nothing but love between them now. As he returns once again this season, check out the four things about Dean that will solidify your love for him too.

  1. He is always on the go

This charter guest is always on the go, whether it’s taking a short weekend trip to Italy or taking the time to relax in the Bahamas. With a quick glance at the photos of him, you’ll have hardcore travel envy.

  1. He is a gourmet

During his many travels in the United States and abroad, Dean has learned the art of good food. He is not satisfied with tourist standards and goes straight for authenticity.

  1. he He recently moved from Aspen to San Juan

He talks about changing it! After working with the Whiskey Rush bar in snow-capped Aspen, Dean recently made his way to much warmer San Juan, Puerto Rico. No matter where his home base is, he will always find a way to travel!

  1. he is an entrepreneur

With a hand in the restaurant business, Dean’s helped create restaurants and bars in Arizona, including The Mint Ultra Lounge and Sandbar Mexican Grill.

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