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Cora Neumann: Bio, Wikipedia, Husband, Age

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Who is Cora Neumann?

Cora Neumann: Bio, Wikipedia, Husband, Age

Cora Neumann is a leader in public health and an expert in economic development with two decades of experience enhancing access to health care, expanding economic opportunities, and securing public land access. Cora’s father died due to a lack of safety mechanisms in a lumber mill accident when she was six months old.


Cora Neumann (Democratic Party) is running for election to represent Montana’s 1st Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives. On June 7, 2022, she will be on the ballot for the Democratic primary.

Cora Neumann is a Bozeman, Montana resident. Neumann obtained a bachelor’s degree in 1998 from the University of New Mexico; a master’s degree in 2003 from the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health; and a doctorate in 2015 from the University of Oxford. Her professional background includes co-founding We Are Montana and serving as a nonprofit executive.

The election will take place on June 7, 2022. The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. Following the primary, general election candidates will be added to this section.


Cora Neumann is a leader in rural health and economic development with a history of delivering results for underserved and rural communities, enhancing access to health care, and protecting our public lands. She is running for Congress to ensure that Montanans have access to good jobs and wages, that our small businesses can thrive, and that families who have lived here for decades or generations can afford to remain.

Cora worked as a waitress, a nanny, and a construction worker to finance her education, and she still has outstanding student loans. Cora has founded and led multiple non-profit organizations that help create jobs, improve child nutrition and mental health services, promote maternal health, and safeguard our public lands over the past quarter-century. She has done this work in Montana as well as across the nation and the globe, collaborating with local leaders, both Republicans and Democrats, to solve problems facing families and workers.

Cora founded We Are Montana in response to the COVID outbreak to distribute personal protective equipment, life-saving information, financial aid, and vaccines to Montanans so that our economy could reopen quickly and safely. She helped small business owners keep the lights on, raised funds to support rural county commissioners and health workers, and centered her work on delivering measurable outcomes to rural counties.

Since 2015, Neumann has fought for the protection of public lands throughout Montana and the Rocky Mountain West. As part of this effort, she collaborated with Indigenous communities, farmers and ranchers, and the conservation community to fight back against Washington’s attempt to reduce protections for public lands – most recently rejoicing in the restoration of Bears Ears National Monument.

We require a leader who comprehends what Montanans are experiencing and is capable of meeting this challenge. Someone whose Montana roots and experience serving rural communities give them the fortitude to stand up to Washington and protect the Montana we adore. And someone who will ensure that Montana remains a place where our children can flourish. Cora is the leader in question.

Cora Neumann was raised in Bozeman by her housewife mother and union carpenter stepfather. There, she and her husband are raising their two adolescent children amid four generations of family.

Early Life

Early Years

Due to a lack of safety mechanisms, Cora’s father died in a lumber mill accident when she was six months old. If her family had had access to better care, it is possible that her father would have survived.

Despite the adversity, Cora’s mother attended nursing school at MSU at night while caring for Cora and her older brother during the day. Cora was six years old when her union carpenter stepfather entered her life. When times were difficult in Bozeman, Cora observed him commute to Great Falls for work. Cora learned from them what commitment to family, community, and labor entails.

Cora took these values with her as she worked up to four jobs, including as a union laborer and a waitress, to pay for college. In the end, she got a Master’s in Public Health from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in International Development from Oxford University (UK).

Cora co-founded the Global First Ladies Alliance with the offices of First Ladies Laura Bush and Michelle Obama in 2009. The organization empowers first ladies across the globe, including American first ladies and presidents from both parties, to remain accountable to their hardworking families and to use their influence to do more for their constituents. Cora collaborated with more than forty first ladies and presidents from around the globe to empower women and families, improve access to health care, promote economic development, education, and more.

Cora then served in the Economic Bureau of the State Department, where she focused on job creation, economic diplomacy, and the economic development of women. She advocated for parental leave access and promoted global women’s health and entrepreneurship.

Since 2015, Cora has been working throughout Montana and the Rocky Mountain West to bring together conservation leaders, ranchers, hunters and anglers, Native communities, and young people for projects involving public health and public lands. Over the past year, Cora worked with state and local leaders to help with COVID relief. They trained nearly 600 leaders across Montana in COVID safety and response, and they gave more than $250,000 in aid to the people who needed it most.

Cora and her husband raise their two kids in Bozeman with the help of four generations of family.


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