Who is Christine McKinley?

Christine McKinley is a mechanical engineer, musician, and author. Her musical Gracie and the Atom won a Portland Drammy for Original Score. Her book Physics for Rock Stars was published in 2014 by Penguin Random House. She hosted Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on History Channel and Under New York on Discovery Channel. Her twenty-year engineering career has included projects in power generation, industrial facilities, and commercial construction. Currently, She lives in Portland, Oregon

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Is Christine Mckinley a person on Wikipedia?
The cast of the popular mystery series Decoded is well-known for its interest in science and discoveries.
Let’s learn more about Mckinley’s personal information, such as her age, husband, and Instagram profile.

Christine rose to prominence as one of the cast members of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, which aired from 2010 to 2012.
The TV show focuses on the revelation of various symbolism and secret codes found throughout the environment.

In addition to Mckinley, the show featured Brad Meltzer, Scott Rolle, and Buddy Levy, all of whom are experts in their respective fields.

Christine Mckinley is listed on Wikipedia as a member of the cast of the mystery television show Decoded.

She is a mechanical engineer, a musician, and a published author.
She graduated from California Polytechnic University with a degree in mechanical engineering.
Christine’s musical Gracie and the Atom won a Portland Drammy for Original Score.

She also has a book called Physics for Rockstars, which was published by Penguin Random House in 2014.

Aside from science and writing, she became a TV host as a cast member of the History channel show Decoded.
She also appeared on the Discovery channel in the show Under New York.


There hasn’t been a lot of information released about Christine’s age. She is an Alaska native who grew up there.
Mckinley later relocated to Los Angeles for further studies and has remained there ever since.


Christine is a very private person who has kept many details about her husband to herself.

Even though she was cast in the television series, she stayed out of the spotlight and did not reveal much about her personal life.

She appeared on the show with Brad Meltzer, a well-known American political thriller novelist.
They discussed and revealed various secret symbols and codes, attempting to explain them to their viewers.


Christine is on Instagram, but because she is a very private person, her Instagram account is not public.

Her Instagram handle is @christinemckinleyp4rs, and she has nearly a thousand followers.

Mckinley has over 200 followers and has posted up to 193 times on Instagram.

Despite the fact that her posts are not visible, she is a brilliant and innovative person, so the majority of her posts may be about science and her innovation.
She mentions in her bio that she owns Bantam Engineering, a sustainable commercial construction firm.

Measurements: Height, Weight

Christine McKinley is 1.75m. and her weight is 45.4 kilograms.


Christine is a passionate and hilarious advocate for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education.
She explains to students how knowing physics will help them perform a proper stage dive and win a fistfight on a speeding train.
Christine sets a good example for young people, showing them how to live a “handmade life” by pursuing a career in engineering, science, or anything else they want to add.


Social Media Account

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/physicsforrockstars/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christine-mckinley-p-e-8a6b6212/

TV Shows: Brad Meltzer’s Decoded

6 Tips from Christine

If you struggled through high school physics class, unable to grasp atomic weights or electromagnetic forces, writer Christine McKinley has skimmed the surface of what makes physics cool and wrapped it up in Physics for Rock Stars.

Of course, McKinley is the master of making science appealing.
She is a mechanical engineer, musician, author, and television host for Brad Meltzer’s Decoded on the History Channel, as well as Under New York on the Discovery Channel.
Physics for Rock Stars combines all of these fields—along with examples from drinking, heists, and being a ninja or a rock star—as it bounds through physics laws, masquerading as one part memoir, one part self-help manual, and one part pop science.

McKinley first attempted to use the laws of the universe and the scientific method to her advantage in middle school in an attempt to be cool.
It resulted in the conclusion that cool kids 1) smoke and 2) skip class.
Her experiment failed, and her parents enrolled her in Catholic school, but that didn’t deter her.
She then applies the rules to dating, goal setting, and life planning.

Six of the many things we discovered are as follows:

  1. If you ever find yourself backstage with two arrogant lead singers boasting about their ability to rock the mic, you can swindle them out of some money and pride with a very long straw and a bet about lung capacity, while also demonstrating a little something about atmospheric pressure.
  2. If anyone in Finland ever challenges you to a drinking contest (and they almost certainly will), but you suspect they’re already ahead of you because they can’t see through their thick black Finnish beer bottles, simply blow into your bottle, then theirs, and if theirs has a lower sound, call the whole thing off because you know that sound travels in waves and is bouncing off a beer level that is lower than yours (also useful for figuring out which beer is yours on a crowded table).
  3. Trying to decide whether or not to start your own business? Draw your own “free body diagram” like the aerospace industry. Like an airplane, you need parts that work together to provide a balance of thrust and drag, weight and lift.
    Do you believe in yourself? You have lift. You have some doubts about quitting your day job? Drag.
    You’ve got a solid resume and a lot of ambition, don’t you? Thrust.
    You’ve saved up enough money to pay your bills and get that office space? Weight.
    Isn’t that simple?
  4. Fighting on the hood of a speeding train?
    As it veers to the right, kick with your left leg and send Evil Baddy flying because you are well aware of Newton’s first law, which states that a body in motion stays in motion. That guy will keep going until he comes across something else and transfers all of his energy to it. Other laws will determine whether he splats (i.e. hits a brick wall) or does a nice barrel roll (i.e. field of fluffy mattresses).
  5. When you’re on a walkabout in Australia and your water is mucky, take two bowls—one large, one small—cover the large one in plastic, and wait for condensation to separate the muck from the clean water.
  6. You have more in common with the periodic table than you may have realized.
    It’s like watching the Atomic Dating Game as atoms swirl around with their various numbers of electrons looking to covalently bond with, or in some cases, ionically bond with, other elements.
    You, too, can discover the secrets of attraction if you can identify your dating profile.
    Do you have one electron (Sodium) that always seems to attract the boy from the wrong side of the tracks (Chlorine)? It’s logical. Clearly, you’re both attempting to fill your outer electron shell, which requires eight electrons.
    He hogs her electron, turning her on, while he becomes a drunken lout after only a few dates, but the attraction is so strong that neither can leave. Maybe you’re a noble gas. You are complete in your own right and do not react well to others, but you are also not frequently asked out.

Physics can be a little formulaic in its structure at times, not to mention bizarre in its examples, but so do most textbooks.
At the very least in this book, McKinley maintains a reasonable pace by covering the essentials of physics without drowning you in gnarly sulfur-smelling water from a botched experiment, arming you with enough facts to impress friends at nerdy cocktail parties.

Indeed, if you want to be that person who makes others feel small and slack-jawed, she even provides lengthy numbers and equations that you can write down and stuff into your sleeve for just such an occasion.

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Net Worth

Christine McKinley has a net worth of $1,000,000. her source of income mainly comes from her works as a mechanical engineer, musician, and author. her salary per month is around $10,000 – $30,0000.


Christine McKinley is an American engineer, musician, and television host. She is known for her work in the fields of engineering and science communication. McKinley has appeared on various television shows, written books, and has a diverse range of interests and expertise. Here are some questions and information related to Christine McKinley:

  1. What is Christine McKinley known for? Christine McKinley is known for her work in the fields of engineering and science communication. She has appeared on television shows like “Decoded” and “Brad Meltzer’s Lost History,” where she explores and explains complex engineering and historical mysteries.
  2. What are Christine McKinley’s qualifications and expertise? Christine McKinley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. She has worked as a consulting engineer and has a deep understanding of mechanical systems and design principles. McKinley is also a skilled musician and incorporates her love for music into her work.
  3. Has Christine McKinley written any books? Yes, Christine McKinley has authored several books. Her book “Physics for Rock Stars” combines her passions for physics and music, exploring the scientific principles behind musical instruments and sound.
  4. Is Christine McKinley still active in the engineering and science communication field? While the specific current activities of Christine McKinley may vary, she has been actively involved in engineering, science communication, and music throughout her career. She continues to promote STEM education and inspire others through her work.
  5. How can I learn more about Christine McKinley? To learn more about Christine McKinley, you can explore her books, watch her television appearances, and visit her official website or social media profiles, if available. Additionally, interviews, articles, and online resources may provide further insights into her background, interests, and accomplishments.