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Christine Grady (NIH): Bio, Wiki, Measurements, Net Worth

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  • August 27, 2021August 27, 2021

Who is Christine Grady?

Christine Grady (NIH): Bio, Wiki, Measurements, Net Worth

Dr. Christine Grady, M.S.N., Ph.D. is the Chief of Bioethics at the Clinical Center. Her research contributions are both conceptual and empirical, focusing on clinical research ethics, such as informed consent, vulnerability, study design, recruitment, and international research ethics, as well as ethical issues confronting nurses and other health care providers. Dr. Grady has published extensively in books and scholarly journals on bioethics, HIV disease, and nursing.

What is NIH?

The National Institutes of Health (NIH), a component of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is the nation’s medical research agency, responsible for making significant discoveries that improve health and save lives.

Biography, Wiki

Christine Grady is a senior investigator and nurse-bioethicist who is currently the Chief of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center. Dr. Grady has authored or edited several books, including The Oxford Textbook of Clinical Research Ethics, and has published over 175 papers in the biomedical and bioethics literature. She was a Commissioner on the President’s Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues from 2010 to 2017. Her work is well-known around the world, and she has given numerous lectures on ethical issues in clinical research and clinical care, HIV disease, and nursing. She is a Hastings Center and American Academy of Nursing fellow, a senior research fellow at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, and a member of the National Academy of Medicine. She graduated from Georgetown University with a B.S. in nursing and biology, an M.S.N. in community health nursing from Boston College, and a Ph.D. in philosophy from Georgetown University.

She has served on a number of intergovernmental task forces and has received numerous awards, including the NIH CEO Award in 2017 and the NIH Director’s Award in 2015 and 2017.


Christine was born on the 7th of February 1952 in Livingston, New Jersey, USA.
Her parents’ names are John H Grady and Barbara Grady. She has always excelled in school and has a strong interest in biology. Christine has four siblings with whom she has had a close relationship since childhood.
Livingston High School was where she finished her high school education. She later attended Georgetown University for her bachelor’s degree in nursing and biology. She then attended Boston College and earned a Master of Science in Nursing degree.


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Grady’s husband is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, as previously stated.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, 80, has played a significant role in Covid-19 predictions in the United States.
Fauci has recently dominated headlines for his prediction on when the US will have control of Covid-19.

Fauci told CNN that “if a majority of Americans get vaccinated, the US could have control over Covid-19 by the spring of 2022.”


Christine Grady is 69 years old. She was born in Livingston, New Jersey, in the United States of America, on February 7, 1959.

Maiden Name

Grady currently goes by her maiden name, “Christine Grady,” which her parents gave her at birth.
She uses her husband’s surname, but she has kept her maiden name throughout her career.

Ethnicity | Nationality

Grady was born with American nationality and citizenship.
She was born and raised in the United States, in the town of Livingston, New Jersey.
She is of White ancestry/ethnicity.

Height, Weight

Christine is 5 feet 8 inches tall on average (1.72 m). She has a bodyweight of 123 pounds (56 kg).

Family | Parents

Grady is the daughter of John H. Grady Jr. (father) and Barbara Grady (mother).
Her hometown is Livingston, New Jersey, where she was born and raised.
Her father was the mayor of Livingston, and her mother was an assistant dean at Seton Hall Law School.
There is currently no information available about her siblings.


Grady and her husband, Fauci, have three daughters: Megan Fauci, Jennifer Fauci, and Alison Fauci.

Salary and Net worth

Christine MSN, Ph.D. is a senior investigator and an American nurse-bioethicist has a net worth of $3 million.
Christine’s annual salary ranges from $120,272 to $176,330 as of the Chief of the Department of Bioethics at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center.

Rumors disproved

Grady is Ghislaine Maxwell’s sister, according to rumors that circulated on social media not long ago. These theories, however, have since been debunked. More recently, there was concern on Twitter that Fauci and Grady were connected to the news that Pfizer had become the first Covid vaccine to receive FDA approval. There is no solid evidence to support the link.


Grady has experience in nursing, clinical research, and clinical care, with a focus on HIV. Between 2010 and 2017, she served as a Commissioner on the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues.

Grady is a National Academy of Medicine member, a senior fellow at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, and a member of The Hastings Center and the American Academy of Nursing. Grady received the National Institutes of Health CEO Award in 2017 and the same organization’s Director’s Award in 2015 and 2017.


  • NIH Director’s Award, 2007
  • Vice chair of the Council of the Hastings Center, 2006
  • Fellows Council of the Council of the Hastings Center, 2005
  • Elected fellow of the Council of the Hastings Center, 2002
  • NIH Director’s Award, 1999
  • Elected fellow in the American Academy of Nursing, 1997
  • Outstanding Research Article Award, Journal of the Association of Nurses in AIDS Care ,1997
  • U.S. Public Health Service First Annual Faye G. Abdellah Publication Award, 1993
  • DHHS Assistant Secretary of Health Award, 1988
  • Nursing Research Award, NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department, 1987
  • Distinguished Alumna Award, Georgetown University School of Nursing,1987
  • Distinguished Nurse Award, NIH Clinical Center Nursing Department, 1986
  • Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society

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