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Who is Karla Ann Charlton from Gold Rush? Karla Ann Charlton is a British-Colombian citizen who spends a great deal of her time in the Yukon doing what she likes to do the most, to be in nature. She is most well known from the reality TV series Gold Rush, which she began appearing on in 2017, during the episodes of Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail. She was recruited to display her skills in surviving in the wild, according to Distractify and to keep the crew safe. Charlton is tough, but it is also described as a lot of fun. If you’re a fan of the show, it’s possible that you know who she is. But here are 10 things you didn’t know about Carla Ann Charlton.

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According to Discovery Discovery, Charlton’s grandfather was born in Sweden, however, he wanted to discover more of what was launched in the Yukon in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. His memoirs tell of his travels with nothing in his name and possession of a single shoe, but he arrived in the Yukon region, stopped his claim, got gold, and eventually transferred his love to the Yukon to his family, including Carla who now spends a great deal of her life there.

Besides helping actors and crew in a Yukon land maneuver, Charlton also drives a rocky truck to Patrick, a member of the acting team. The acting team often discusses the many benefits it has brought to the show by knowing wildlife skills and survival, claiming it is an important part of the show and actors.

Take the hunters on tours to get their prey. One experiment made her and the fisherman travel through the Yukon for nine days until they found a ram. The animal was shot on their shoulders, heading for a river they had to cross. Charlton says the water was too high, but the fisherman sought to achieve it anyway and pulled the water down the stream. When she found him, she vandalized him, then warmed him up, forced him to undress and put him in a sleeping bag for heating. She described the incident as embarrassing and uncomfortable, but had no choice but to prevent him from getting frostbite.

If you haven’t received the latest updates on Gold Rush and Charlton recently, you can get updates on Charlton’s social media sites, where you like to share her latest adventures with her fans, which happen to be in Papua New Guinea. Recent publications talk about her new adventure to join co-stars, her mining boss, Rick Ness, and Parker Schnabel in Papua New Guinea, so follow her on Instagram for her latest travels.

Rick Ness is karla’s head of mining at Gold Rush and the two are often photographed together enjoying and perhaps looking a little closer than they are already. Many fans began rumors that the two were dating, however, Rick Ness discussed his relationship with Charlton as an “unprecedented sister,” leading to a rumor that there was nothing between them.

Charlton loves sharing pictures of her adventures, so what better way to do it than social media. Charlton has an Instagram account, according to Celebrity Facts, where she posts fairly regularly, so to keep up with her latest adventurers, you might want to add yourself as one of her followers.

Charlton’s events revolve around the outdoors and adventure, whether it’s cutting a road through the Yukon, searching for gold, hunting or riding a bike. She talks about one of her concerns: riding a bike. If she has time away from the wildlife, cycling is one of her favorite sports in her free time.

Charlton can not only take care of herself in the wild, but she can also handle a ski slope without any problem. Charlton spends a lot of her free time on the slopes, tearing her on a skateboard. In her picture on the slopes, she commented on the picture, “My freedom.” For Charlton, ice skating is more than just a sport. She is also a member of the Canadian Ski Guide Association.

When you see Charlton on TV or in magazines, you are likely to see a beautiful face, but if you look closely, you will notice that she does not wear make-up. Who has time for that in the wild? One thing you know you need when you spend a lot of time outdoors, is protecting your lips, which takes care of them themselves. Charlton has created a wonderful lip balm that she makes herself, which is so good that she often presents it as gifts to family and friends.