Bob Dole : Ethnicity,Age,Wiki,Bio

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Who is Bob Dole? Robert Joseph Dole, who is better known as Bob Dole is a famous political figure not only in America but also from all over the world. Before he became a politician, then he had been a successful lawyer. Dole retired in 1996 and began representing Kansas from Congress. In addition, he served as the Republican leader of the Senate all the way from 1985 to 1996. He had been nominated for president on the ticket. His father took his life. Dole graduated from Russell High School in 1941 and went to the University of Kansas. He was to play football, basketball, and run the course for college. His research was interrupted by World War II.

Bob Dole : Ethnicity,Age,Wiki,Bio

Robert Joseph Dole, commonly known as Bob Dole, is a retired lawyer, statesman and politician from the United States of America. Bob Dole was born July 22, 1923 and represented Kansas in the United States of America House of Representatives during the years 1961 to 1969 and was also Republican Leader of the United States of America Senate from 1969 to 1996.

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Real NameBob Dole
NationalityUnited States of America
Date of Birth1923/07/22
Birth Year1923
Birth Month07
Birth day22
First NameBob
Last NameDole
Place of BirthRussell
Facebook details1.07934E+14
IMDB detailsnm0230909
Awards ReceievedHoratio Alger Award,World Food Prize,Theodore Roosevelt Award,Bronze Star Medal,Presidential Medal of Freedom,Purple Heart,Presidential Citizens Medal
EducationUniversity of Arizona,University of Arizona,University of Arizona,University of Kansas,University of Kansas,University of Kansas,Washburn University,Washburn University
Languages spoke and written
Political PartyRepublican Party
Sports teamKansas Jayhawks
Name in native language
Official website
Position heldUnited States senator,United States senator,United States senator,United States senator,United States senator,United States senator,Member of the Kansas House of Representatives,Member of the Kansas House of Representatives,county attorney,county attorney,county attorney,United States representative,United States representative,United States representative,United States senator,United States senator,United States senator,United States senator,United States senator
SpouseElizabeth Dole,Elizabeth Dole

Early Life & Biography

Bob Dole was born in Russell, Kansas on July 22, 1923, his mother Bina M and Doran Ray Dole, his father. Doran had just moved the family to Russell shortly before Bob Dole was born. Doran made a living running a small dairy business, and one of his clients was the father of his future Senate colleague, Arlen Specter. The family lived in a house at 1035 North Maple, located in Russell, and they maintained their official residence throughout her career in politics.

Bob Dole attended Russell High School and graduated in the spring of 1941. Bob then attended the University of Kansas the following season. Bob was always a star when it came to athletics during his high school days in Russell, and Phog Allen, who was Kansas’ basketball coach, never traveled to Russell to enlist him. to play for the Jayhawks basketball team.

While at the University of Kansas, Bob Dole played basketball, soccer, and also was on the track and field. In football, Bob used to play final position and won college letters in the years 1942 and 1944. In 1942, Bob Dole was Bud Adams’ teammate; Bud is the former owner of the Tennessee Titans.

Personal life

Bob Dole is a family man and married his first wife, Phyllis Holden, in 1948. Phyllis Holden is an occupational therapist who worked at a veterans hospital located in Battle Creek, Michigan. After their marriage, Bob and Phyllis had their eldest daughter named Robin. The couple then divorced on January 11, 1972, and Phyllis died in 2008.

Bob Dole then met his current wife Elizabeth in 1972 the same year after their divorce from Holden. The couple married on December 6, 1975 and have not yet had the chance to have a child. Bob Dole is a Freemason and also a member of Russell Lodge No. 177, Russell, Kansas. Back in the year 1975, Bob Dole was elevated to the 33rd degree Scottish Rite. Bob always refers to themselves in the third person during a conversation.

Age, height and weight

Born July 22, 1923, Bob Dole is 97 years old as of January 24, 2021. His height is 6 feet, 5 inches tall, and his weight is 97 kg.


Bob made his debut in politics after running for office in 1950 and was fortunate enough to be elected to the Kansas House of Representatives which saw him serve only two terms. During the semester, Bob Dole served on the Assessment and Taxation, Military Affairs, Gas and Oil, and Soldier Compensation committees.

In 1952 Bob Dole became Russell County attorney and bullion elected to the United States House of Representatives in 1960. Kansas lost a congressional district after his first term, and most of Bob’s district merged with the neighbor. 2nd District to create a new 1st District, which included most of western and central Kansas. Bob Dole was elected from the Combined District in 1962 and was also re-elected for two more terms.

Bob Dole went to the United States Senate after defeating William H. Avery, who was Governor of Kansas.

Awards and achievements

In 1989, Bob Dole received the Presidential United States Citizens Medal from then-President Reagan. On January 17, 1997, Bob Dole received the Presidential Medal of Freedom of Service award from then-President Bill Clinton as a result of his military service and political career. In his acceptance speech, Bob said he had a dream that one day he would be there in this special historic week receiving a President’s Award.

Bob Dole net worth and salary in 2021

As of January 2021, Bob Dole had an estimated net worth of over $ 50 million. Bob Dole earned his fortune through his well-paid political career. We do not have information on how much he earns in a month or information on his cars and other property.

Bob Dole is a hardworking caregiver whose hard work and dedication is why he has come this far. Bob Dole rose through the ranks from high school footballer to senator.

Truth About Bob Dole

He became another lieutenant in the army, and his 10th Mountain Division served in the rival army near the Apennine Mountains, Italy. The Germans hit him on the back, and if the other soldiers saw the extent of his pain, they gave him a dose of morphine. He had been taken home to the United States and gradually recovered from a fatal illness and blood clots. The hospital according to it is currently a national building called Hart-Dole-Inouye Federal Center. Dole also received two Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, and the Fighting “V”. Pfizer is a company that produces drugs, such as Viagra pills. In 1998, Pfizer Inc. wanted to increase its Viagra revenue and increase awareness of impotence. Their better choice was then presidential competition Bob Dole. Dole’s function was supposed to engage the general public through services, talkative and educational advertisements. On the other hand, the company did not disclose how much he paid the lawyer, but being a powerful politician, he should also have been paid quite handsomely. The viagra commercial between Dole was the first against the company to appear on television. Dole was also involved in the trials of these drugs and explained them as “good drugs”. Revenue for the drug almost reached $ 1 billion by the end of the year it was initially sold. The books explain Washington as a hotbed for successful couples like the Doles, along with other married lawyers, journalists, and police. They use social pretensions to clarify who their individuality is. Dole and his wife Elizabeth Dole are a power pair who are at the top of their livelihoods, confident that Dole will win the Republican nomination and possibly be America’s next president. Publishing can help provide you with insight on both and leaves the reader needing to browse more. The post promoted Dole’s net worth. It had been created in 1962, also at publication the boy is forced from the team at his boarding school to seek advice from a psychologist to help him overcome his homosexuality. Psychiatry turns Robin into a schizophrenic, rather than straight, and Robin sets out in search of the “Second Coming.” Based on a review, doles publication, “What Rough Beast,” treats readers using a whole new perspective on some- one of the vital pillars of contemporary theology. In addition, it will help expose the consequences for individual differences as well as the story of the young Robin. The book helped Dole build her own net worth.

Obtaining the gold medal

Bob Dole remains the longest-serving Republican leader in the US Senate, and he received the Congressional Gold Medal on Wednesday. Dole was grateful for this honor and thanked the Senate for presenting her with this honor. President Trump had something to say about Dole, praising his political heritage. Dole served in Congress for 35 decades and is famous for his sense of humor. Dole was also a political commentator for the Daily Show in 2000. The only men and women who won the gold medal would be the very first President of the United States, George Washington, President Andrew Jackson, Walt Disney, Harry Truman and some others. Bob Dole got the award because he had been a person of Congress with a legislator and therefore getting the distinction was critical, according to Loomis.


American politician and war hero who was the 1996 Republican presidential candidate. He was the United States Senator from Kansas from 1969 to 1996 and was the greedy Senate majority in his last year in office. He was in the Senate for 30 years, and ran for Vice President with Gerald Ford. He lost his 1996 presidential candidacy to incumbent President Bill Clinton.

Before Famous

He worked in a drugstore and as a jerk when he was young.


He has married twice and his second wife is former Senator Elizabeth Hanford of North Carolina. He had a daughter named Robin.


Politician Bob Dole were born on Sunday, birthstone is Ruby, the seaon was summer in the Chinese Year of Pig, he is 189 days until Bob Dole next birthday.

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