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Who is Biff Poggi? Biff Poggi is a legendary football coach who has become a famous name in the football community as he invested much of his own money and time in the St Frances Academy football team to make them a footballing powerhouse.

His popularity shot through the roof after his performance and time with the academy was documented in HBO’s hit series ‘The Cost of Winning’. The football documentary calls Biff a beacon of hope in the gentrified communities.

NameBiff Poggi
ProfessionFootball Coach
Net Worth$1 million to $5 million
Children2 sons

Who is Biff Poggi from ‘The Cost of Winning’?

When the audience meets Biff Poggi in the documentary, they will find that he is the coach of St. Frances Academy, which is located in East Baltimore. However, before becoming the team’s coach, Biff played football himself. He was on the same college team as Dan Marino, a hall of fame quarterback who turned professional.

After graduation, Biff became a hedge fund manager and proved very good at his job. He amassed a considerable fortune in his work, and it was that fortune that eventually allowed him to return to the world of football. He took over the St. Frances Academy’s football program and turned it into a national powerhouse in the course of just five years.

Biff Poggi used his hedge fund to finance his team.

When he first joined the school’s football program, Biff served as an assistant coach under the direction of Jim Harbaugh, a legendary head coach who eventually joined the NFL. When he eventually became the team’s head coach, he transformed the program by dumping his own money into it. By spending about $ 2.5 million, he was able to recruit the best players from all over the country.
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Biff’s decision to put his own money into the program turned out to be controversial, but it undoubtedly worked, and some thought it was admirable. Biff took children from all over the country, many of them from lower-income homes, and gave them a program they could be proud of. Since they are in an elite program, Biff also gave many of these kids a better chance of eventually going pro.

Where is Biff Poggi now?

Biff briefly left the program at St. Frances for an assistant coaching job at the University of Michigan. Eventually, though, he decided to return to coaching at the school, partly because that job seemed to fulfill him more than his job at the college level had. He has continued to transform the program, although it led the team to be ejected from the private school competition for being “too good.”

Ultimately, though, what Biff cares about most is having an impact on the lives of his players. “I’m so tired of going to dinner parties and putting up with the jerks of people who say, ‘Oh my god, what’s going on in our country? Why are the prisons full of African American men? They don’t value what we appreciate, ” said Biff in an interview with ESPN.

“I’m not listening to that nonsense anymore … We’re going to do it [help] one child at a time, one year at a time, one team at a time,” he continued. “We’re going to level the playing field.”

10 Facts about Biff Poggi

  1. Biff Poggi has a net worth of millions of dollars as reported by 247Sports. Some sources claim he is worth between $ 1 million and $ 5 million.
  2. He has also invested an enormous amount of his own money in the St. Andrews soccer team. According to reports, he invested about $ 2.5 million in the team.
  3. Most of his personal wealth comes from his hedge funds. Also a significant portion of his income comes from his appearance in the HBO series, ‘The Cost of Winning’.
  4. The coach also earned a decent salary while being a coach in football.
  5. In 2020 he has slipped into the media and is a low-key personality.
  6. He left his iconic job as a Gilman football coach, served on the team for over 19 years, turning it into a national ranking team.
  7. At the time he left his job, he was considering job openings from Michigan and Brown, but he hasn’t been active in the footballing community since.
  8. He hasn’t been actively working since then, but has said he supports the # FlagFootballu14. Other than this, he doesn’t have many media appearances.
  9. The star remains a well-respected coach in the football world.
  10. He and his team fought against poverty, racism and oppression while taking the team to the national stage.

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