Agile certifications are one of the best methods to raise your career. Agile is actually an approach towards the development of software that enhances collaboration, flexibility or continuous improvement. It depends on the set of principles that are mentioned in the Agile Manifesto which arrange interactions and individuals, customer collaboration, working software, and respond to alter process and strict plans. 

Advantages of Agile Certifications:

The advantages of Agile certification include:  

  • Career advancement
  • Enhance skills and Knowledge
  • Industry standardization
  • Professional recognition
  • Approach to agile communities

Why Professional Project Managers Prefer Agile Certification?

Agile is becoming most popular in PMP because of its capability to collaborate, flexibility and responsiveness like Hybrid Project Management.That’s why most of the project managers increase their skills and knowledge to get agile certifications. This certification helps them to become highly marketable among job marketing.

Top 5 Best Agile Certifications

1. PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)

The actual cost of this certificate is about $435 to $495 USD. It comprises 21 hours agile training time length, 12 months general project experience, 8 month long experience of Agile in the last 3 years. 

Moreover, PMI-ACP, PMI Agile Certified Practitioner certification is driven by Project Management Institute. The objective of this specific certification is to prepare the person who takes part in the team of Agile projects and also wants to polish their skills and knowledge in Agile practices and frameworks. 

This certification does not belong to any specific Methodology of Agile and highlights the entire agile mindset and also the significance of adaptability, customer collaboration, continuous improvement and delivering value. It further increase the career opportunities and results in higher pay salaries. Almost 40,000 people have PMI-ACP certification globally.

2. AgilePM Foundation (APMG)

This certification requires a cost of £272 and doesn’t require any prerequisites but requires an exam curriculum. You have to prepare for the course before the final exam. The main advantage of this certification is that it doesn’t expire so there is no hassle of renewal. It is offered by APMG International which is specifically designed for team members, project managers and other professionals who have a desire to gain knowledge about Agile Project management. Besides, this certificate covers approaches that are used in different industries such as construction, IT, and software development. The AgilePM Foundation certification is best for both newbies and expert project managers. 

3. Certified Scrum Master (CSM)

This certification costs about $1000 to $1500 USD along with coursework and examination. CSM require renewal after each year with $100. Another best and well recognized agile certifications for project managers. The usage of this certification results in better team performance. You can avail the opportunity of this agile certification by the Scrum Alliance. It is specifically related to the project managers who have to work along the projects of software development.

If you want to become a successful Scrum Master of Agile certification, you have to attend a CSM training course of two days which is conducted by scrum trainer, demonstration of scrum values, principles and practices and passing of the CSM exam along with maintaining the membership to increase skills. The cost of two-days CSM training course is about $1000 to $1500 also including the exam charges. 

4. Professional Scrum Master (PSM)

Another Agile certification – Professional Scrum Master requires $200 USD. If you achieve this certificate, it does not require renewal at all. Almost 890,000 Professional Scrum Masters are currently present. You will have three levels of Professional Scrum Master certificate including PSM I, PSM II and PSM III. Each of these require great level expertise and knowledge. Additionally, all three certification levels require optional exams. According to 2023, the PSM I certification exam requires $150 and PSM II and PSM III exams require $500. 

5. Certified SAFe Agilist

It cost about $500 along with $100 for annual renewal membership. It is Scaled Agile Framework which is being used for scaling agile in big organizations. This agile certificate is being issued by Scaled Agile inc., organization. It is not for entry level project managers but only professionals are recommended for this certification as they are involved in the implementation. If you want to qualify this certification, you should qualify the necessary requirements includes:

  • Attendance of two-day Scaled Agile Framework 
  • Agilist training course. 
  • Renewal of Certificate each year
  • Passing of the exam