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Who is Annie Agar? Annie Agar is a freelance reporter for WOOD-TV (Channel 8 in Grand Rapids).

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Annie Agar joined TikTok a few weeks ago and entertained the time and had a bit of fun during the pandemic and started composing videos.

‘I wanted to do something with this,’ Agar said.

Agar is a freelance photographer of WOOD TV8. You may have seen her along the sidelines shooting games for Football Frenzy or covering some of the larger university matches.

A video she compiled on social media has become viral.

First, she beat it big with a TikTok video about Joe Burrow and the Bengals

“It got about 230,000 likes,” Agar said.

Then she had a revelation: a Zoom meeting with Big Ten schools where she played the stereotypes of each school.

“So I thought it would be funny to think about what it looks like in a Zoom meeting and how they all act with each other and interact,” Agar said.

She posted the video on TikTok last week.

‘And it took a little bit. It got a few likes, ‘said Agar.

Then it hit Twitter. The spoofs seem to have hit a nerve.

“Nebraska fans aren’t very excited about it,” Agar said. ‘But they really appreciated it. Many of them tweeted it again. “

The weekend became the video viral. It was picked up by Barstool Sports and ESPN. By Monday morning, Agar’s video was watching 1.5 million times.

‘Desmond Howard tweeted it again. And Kirk Hirbn did it today and Rich Eisen,” Agar said.

‘It was wild. I didn’t expect it to happen at all. People like to scoff at the teams they like to hate. People said: ‘Oh, you’ve made us completely dirty, but you’re so right’ and you could never do it in any other form of entertainment. ‘

Agar said she was regularly asked where she got all the T-shirts.

She’s a Buckeye fan, so she had that T-shirt. For the rest, his school logoes pushed down and clutched on old T-shirts.

She says she is working on a budget and will likely express still shirts soon.

The SEC and PAC 12 are next on her hit list.

“I want people who come to me and follow me, know that I focus on more humorous sports humor that is absolutely legitimate and that they can enjoy in public,” Agar said.