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Amy Tarkanian (MSNBC) : Actress,Bio, Age,Dad,Height,Measurements

Who is Amy Tarkanian? Amy Tarkanian (born May 1, 1977) is a former Nevada Republican Party Chairwoman and one of the top GOP women in the Silver State. She was a district-level delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention from Nevada. She is the wife of Republican congressional candidate Danny Tarkanian.

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Early life

Amy Tarkanian was born as Amy Michelle Hanson to the parents of Gary and Anita Hanson on May 1, 1977 in Fresno, California.
She spent some time working in Los Angeles, California, as an actress, before moving on to become a political commentator.

Personal life

Amy married businessman and congressional candidate Daniel John Tarkanian (also known as Danny) in October 2001.
The couple have four children together: 17-year-old Louis, 15-year-old fraternal twins Ashley and Ava, and 10-year-old Jerry Junior (as of 2020).
Lois and Jerry Jr. were named after their father-in-law – Las Vegas City Councilman Louis Tarkanian and the late AMERICAN basketball coach Jerry Tarkanian, who passed away in 2015.
In April 2015, Amy’s youngest son, Jerry Jr., suffered a stroke at the age of five, although there were no previous health problems.
The child fully recovered from the ordeal, but this experience inspired Amy to found Tark Toy Drive, a nonprofit organization that offers donated toys to children in hospitals.
Currently, she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with her husband and their children.

Employment, salary and net worth

Tarkanian was elected president of the Nevada Republican Party in 2011, but resigned in January 2012, giving way to her husband’s failed attempt to serve in Congress.
In 2016, Amy was part of the Nevada delegation at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.
Amy was also a member of the Fund-raising committee of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Association. She participated in the American Heart/Stroke Association in Las Vegas in several positions, the most recent of which was part of the executive leadership team.
She appeared on television and radio as a political commentator, and has contributed frequently to Fox News, RT TV and other media outlets. She has appeared on shows such as Lou Dobbs Tonight, Trish Regan Primetime and Mornings with Maria Bartiromo, etc.
Amy is also a member of the Advisory Board of “Hope for Prisoners”.

Fun facts

  • Amy is very religious and fully supports the current President of the United States Donald Trump, as well as the political life of her husband Danny.
  • In December 2018, Amy and Danny were invited by the President and first lady to attend a reception at the White House.
  • Amy also toured the White House with her youngest son, Jerry Jr., and posted photos of the event on Instagram.
  • She’s a big fan of trips to Disney World.
  • She is very candid with her political comments on her Twitter account, and she does not hesitate to give her opinion on events that are shaking the world of politics.
  • Amy has a dog, a cooli border/webpet mix called Lucy. Amy is currently seeking to re-soothe Lucy due to the family’s hard lifestyle while on the move that keeps her away from home most of the day.
  • She refers to herself as a “taxi mom” because she constantly transports her children everywhere they need, from school to games to after-school activities.

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