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Alejandra Quiroz: Wikipedia, Bio, Wiki, Biography (Updated 2021)

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  • August 19, 2021August 19, 2021

Who is Alejandra Quiroz?

Alejandra Quiroz: Wikipedia, Bio, Wiki, Biography (Updated 2021)

Alejandra Quiroz Hernández is Editorial Director at Knovvmads. Alejandra was born and raised in Mexico City. Although He studied Philosophy, he has worked in libraries ever since he finished University. Almost 12 years in the business. Alejandra’s best experience was working as the Educational Services Coordinator at Vasconcelos Library in Mexico City for almost 3 years.


LIS vision (Library and Information Science).

Her advice was to study LIS before going to university. My country’s study plan didn’t appeal to me.
But my first job was as a Middle and High School Librarian. It was difficult but it helped me grow professionally.
Although I wanted to teach philosophy, I realized that libraries offer more opportunities for learning.
So when I work in libraries or train professionals, I emphasize lifelong learning and self-learning.

It’s been difficult to pursue a Master’s in LIS. Once in this field, you must commit to continuous training and preparation for the community.

What does it take to be a Knovvmad?

Being a Knovvmad requires a curious mind and a desire to learn.
While our work may be anywhere, libraries are where we get inspired and connect with others.

Do you see any obstacles at Knovvmads/libraries this year?

I see libraries’ main challenges as adaptability and change. The institution’s usual rhythm has been more demanding than ever. We must envision and create a shared future. As some professionals retire, the next generation must change the narrative to reach more people and expand our services.
We can’t do this alone. Everyone must hear and acknowledge our actions, especially the authorities and government. I believe Knovvmads can help us share our stories and be heard.

Emerging International Voices

Library Globetrotter from Mexico, spreading Library Love on Social Media.

What is a library?

Libraries foster social and personal change. It allows people to make informed choices.
They encourage self-learning and lifelong learning, making people the heroes of their own education.

What do you need most for your job?

I need library info. I can’t start the day without reading about world libraries for an hour.
It’s something I do in the morning to get inspired or just think.

What was your most memorable library experience?

People growing up, from babies taking their first steps to a homeless man getting better on his own.
Library services are about people. The Vasconcelos babies’ ensemble was the highlight of a year of sound exploration with babies and toddlers.
On Children’s Day, we gave our first public talk.


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