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who is aishah hasnie? Aishah Hasnie is anchor and reporter for FOX News. Prior to that, she worked with WXIN Fox 59 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Hasnie has been working in the media industry for several years and is known as a hard-hitting reporter who is willing to take a step further for her research work.

Personal life and family:

Aishah was born in Lahore, Pakistan, the capital of Punjab province. There she spent her childhood learning about the values of Eastern society.
When she and her family eventually migrated to the United States, she compared those values to their Western counterparts.
Apart from media work, Aishah really enjoys the fashion world and often speaks to stylists to find out what’s popular.
In her spare time she enjoys kick shooting with her father and the occasional game of football.
She is also an avid volunteer for nonprofits and can be seen to help educational initiatives in Indiana.
Aishah has a younger sister Afiah, who became a doctor in May 2020. Unfortunately, due to the COVID crisis, the Hasnie family was unable to attend the graduation and wished Afiah on video chat.
One of Aishah’s uncles was commander-in-chief in the U.S. Navy.

Education & College:

After her family moved to the U.S., Aishah grew up in Indiana and attended Bedford North Lawrence High School, also known as BNL by students and locals.
She started her first year in 1998 and graduated in 2002.
Right after high school, she attended Indiana University Bloomington, the flagship campus of Indiana University institutions.
She first studied biology, but then realized that science was not the calling for her. She then began writing for her university newspaper and shadow on WICS-TV, where her older cousin was working at the time.
Hasnie also did an internship at WTHR-TV, then studied abroad and did an internship with Pakistan at GEO-TV.
She graduated from university in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting journalism, after which she saved a few years of money and built up her portfolio.

Professional timeline: salary and net worth


In October 2008, Aishah began working for WANE-TV 15, a CBS-affiliated station in Fort Wayne, Indiana.
She worked as an investigative journalist and as a substitute anchor.
In September 2009, after a year working for WANE-TV, she filed a police report on a shop owner who was arrested after taking photos on the skirt of a 10-year-old girl.
The arrest, however, was not for that. Police arrested him for battery after he touched the girl because Indiana’s current laws did not apply to peeping in shops or with technology.
She brought the story to the public’s attention and changed the laws of Indiana. This story earned her an Emmy nomination.

FOX 59:

In July 2011, Hasnie began working for Fox59, an Indianapolis-based news channel.
She was usually on the air on weekdays from 4pm. For the show of the station First at Four.
She also had her own segment called Taking Action for You, where she investigated consumer scams and made attempts to protect the public from companies and individuals who sold corrupt products or tried to defraud the Indiana people.
Hasnie also reported from the field. She took the job for more than 7 years at FOX-59!

Fox news :

In January 2019, Hasnie reached the major leagues when she started working for the main FOX News network.

Body information / physical characteristics

Aishah Hasnie measurements:

Eye colour: brown
Hair color: brown
Aishah Hasnie High: No confirmed information available.
Aishah Hasnie Feet / Legs / Shoe size: No confirmed information available.
Pregnant? : She is not expecting a baby at the moment.

Personal / home details

Married? : No
Number of children: –
Ethnicity: South Asian (Indian-Pakistani)
Aishah Hasnie Religion: Islam (Muslim).
Nationality: American