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Aisha Hall : Net Worth,Release Date,Bio,Husband,Birthday,Father

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Who is Aisha Hall? Aisha Hall is a musical artist, entrepreneur, author and activist. We cannot deny the fact that she is a multi-faceted staff and phenomenal internet personality.

Aisha Hall : Net Worth,Bio,Age,Birthday

Aisha Hall is CEO of Apogee Financial.

Apogee is a multinational document printing services and process technology company. They are also involved in outsourcing.

She is also a part-time artist and actress. Its adaptability to any job is one of the special features.
Aisha’s life is an inspiring journey. From an average woman to a millionaire, let’s all read the principle of her prosperity.

As an artist, she has released two albums to date. One, American Gangster, and the other is The Aisha Hall Project. We can listen to his EP songs on Soundcloud.

“Despite her adversities [Aisha Hall], she used her time wisely, using her pen and trim to change the game of urban fiction. I admire his strength, his wisdom and his talent. She is definitely a stand out who should come home and do great things! -Jamila T. Davis

“I am currently incarcerated at the Alderson Federal Women’s Camp. I am 31 years old and serving a sentence of over 10 years for wire fraud. I was in private commodities and gold brokerage before this situation. I’ve done about 6 years and will be home for the next two years. Since I have been in prison, I have written 8 novels. I have published 2 and the rest are in the process of being published. I am serious about the change to the justice system in this country. The DOJ from the local police to the federal justice system is out of control and it is certainly a new form of slavery. I was born and raised in New York City, so I’ve seen my share of corruption and violence.
Condemned Soap Box

Net worth: How much Does she make?

Aisha’s exact net worth is still being audited.

No doubt, after having faced a lot of back and forth in her life, she is now a successful woman. Looking at her lavish lifestyle and assets, she certainly earned a pretty good income from her profession as a writer and an artist. In addition, she is also a businesswoman.

Aisha is also an author. She published her first book, titled The Pink Panther Clique. To date, she has written four books in total. In 2017, she published a book called Raw Baltimore. Well it has good reviews on Google.

So, from all these sources of income, she luxuriously lives her dreams.

Age and Wikipedia Biography

Aisha’s age is 37 as of 2021.

Precisely, she hasn’t revealed her birthday yet.

She was welcomed into this world by her parents, Karen and Collin Rochester in 1983.

Also, Aisha does not have a Wikipedia page available on the web. However, we can find his short biography on Arbookcorner.

Aisha is very active on social media platforms. It has more than 66.8,000 subscribers in April 2021.

The contact details of Aisha’s husband are missing at the source.

We are keeping an eye on this crucial topic. She’s probably a married woman.


  • Hall is an artist, chief financial officer, and author. We assume she is doing well in her career.
  • Aisha is 38 years old.
  • Aisha’s complete birth data is missing online. According to an article on arbookcorner, it was mentioned that she was born in 1983.
  • She is considered “The Female Wolf of Wall Street”. Aisha was born in Roosevelt, Newyork. She owned few businesses in her early twenties.
  • She moved to Detroit and opened a business. In less than a year, she had accumulated over $ 10 million.
  • In 2009, she was charged with wire fraud and landed in a jail. she was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Most of her novels, she writes, are during her days in prison.
  • She has just been released from prison, however, she seems to be doing well with her life. Aisha Hall Father and Instagram
  • The name of Aisha Hall’s father is not disclosed.
  • she was inspired a lot by her father. His father is from Jamaica and was the hero of New York.
  • She followed her father’s principles which brought success in her life. After being imprisoned, her father was expelled and killed. Likewise, her brother was also killed after going to jail.
  • Although life has cheated on Aisha, her Instagram and other social media accounts indicate that she is back on track with her life.

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