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Who is Adriana Fenice? Adriana Fenice a.k.a Stacy Vandenberg, 26, is an American bikini and chic fashion model and social media star who has gained hundreds of thousand of followers online. Adriana is known for her natural big breasts, she is a 34JJ. Not only on Instagram, she is also active on several other social media networks such as Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook. She has obtained representation from the CME Agency for Influencers in Los Angeles. Adriana along with Simone Ghosh are famous for their large breasts on Instagram.

Adriana Fenice was born in the U.S. On March 8, 1994, his starsign is Pisces and he is a US national. Adriana was raised as a child in Los Angeles, California by her father, who is a factory worker, and her mother, who is teaching at a local high school.

She was bullied by her peers while attending elementary school, which led her to become a bit asocial and spend most of her free time alone. Upon enrolling in a local high school, he became interested in modeling and acting, which he practiced at the school as a member of the school’s theater club, appearing in most of the plays performed there, while practicing modeling in front of the mirror of his room. Adriana was also physically active, playing football and volleyball mainly because she believed this would keep her fit to model.

Upon enrolling, she did not enroll in college, but focused on her modeling career.

Adriana launched her modeling career shortly after enrolling, while currently signed up for CME Agency in Los Angeles, the agency also has offices in New York, London in England, Sydney in Australia and Seoul in South Korea. Due to the size of her breasts, Adriana is not as desired as other models, but has still appeared in many commercials and advertisements, and in two music videos.

She currently works as a chic model and bikini model. Adriana is mainly famous for her Instagram account, to which almost 530,000 people currently follow, while she has uploaded 200 images. The vast majority of Adriana’s photos focus her breasts, and it can be said that her breasts have only made her popular on the Internet. She is also active on Twitter: she created her account in September 2018 and has gathered nearly 25,000 followers, tweeting more than 100 times.

Adriana also has a Patreon account, which she uses to send her photos and videos to those who are willing to pay for them; currently has 60 Patreon who pay you between $300 and $33,000 per month.

Rumors circulate on the Internet that the Instagram star is a lesbian, as she hasn’t talked about any men she’s been with in the past. According to some of her fans, she has been seen having too close a relationship with a woman on a beach in Miami, Florida, and it is believed that the two are in a relationship and have been together for over a year.

Other people believe that Adriana is bisexual and that she and the mysterious woman have an open relationship. There are also rumors that Adriana was dating her high school girlfriend for two years, before they split up after he went abroad, and that she is now dating a businessman she has been with for the past six months.

Adriana has neither married nor has children.

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