5 Ways To Make Money From Home Online

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5 Ways You Can Make Money From Home – Year after year, many people start considering taking work that can be done at home.

People prefer to do jobs that don’t require them to go to the office, jobs that free them up in managing their working time, and jobs that can make considerable money from home.

Finding Jobs Online

As for the kinds of work that can be done from home, such as translators, freelance writers, full time investors, this web developer can be done by various circles, such as housewives, students and employees.

The majority of work that can be done at home is contractual, freelance or part time.

Here are the types of work you can do from home.

1. Find Jobs from the Online Freelancer Marketplace Site

Just like working full-time, for those of you who want to start working from home, you can also find jobs from marketplace sites dedicated to freelancers.

Here is an example marketplace that you can use to find online work for freelancers in Indonesia.

On the marketplace, there are many types of work that can be easily found. Like graphic design,author, translator, even website creation.
I. Sribulancer, Projects.co.id

These two websites are the marketplaces most commonly used by freelancers in Indoesia.

Many job options have been installed on the marketplace to be selected according to the client’s needs.

To get clients or jobs, you can pitch yourself. Create a clear and complete self profile so you can compete with other freelancers, if you need to add them with videos.

In addition, make a reasonable offer and associate it with the skills and portfolio you have.

If you are selected, then potential clients will pay a fee for your work through Sribulancer or project.co.id (depending on the marketplace you use). After that, you can start your work, according to the request submitted by the client.

Once the work is done and the client likes it, the payment will be forwarded to your account. So there’s no need to be afraid of work but not getting paid, yes.

II. Tips and Tricks for Getting a Job on the Freelancer Marketplace

For those of you who are still confused, how can a prospective client trust us, here are tips and tricks that you can apply when going to register as a freelancer in various marketplaces.

A. Fix Rate

What distinguishes between a novice freelancer and an experienced freelancer is the rate of his or her profile. The more often he gets a job and the better his work, the rate will certainly convince the clients to accept him in the job to be given.

Just like when we want to buy goods online through the online shopping marketplace.

Surely besides looking at the low price, we’re also looking for info about the store, right?

From the selling rate, review or feedback from the buyer.

B. Create a Convincing Profile

Knowing that the worker rate is important, all you have to do as a beginner is to update and complete the profile data.

The goal is as a branding and portfolio.

By completing your profile personal data, it will make you look like a transparent worker.

C. Make Offers For Easy Work

A lot of bidding doesn’t mean opportunities can get bigger, especially if you’re doing deals the wrong way.

Also, if it’s really acceptable, and ironically you don’t have the ability to do the job.

Therefore, if you are a beginner when it comes to freelancers on the marketplace, look for easy, low-paying jobs as well.

Because this type of job is more reserved for new freelancers with less competition.

Don’t prioritise earning highly just yet, but build good branding and rates so you can get a decent job in the day.

D. Don’t Demean Yourself by Offering Lower Prices

Choosing a job that is easy and cheap to work with, doesn’t mean you also have to lower the lowest price in order to get the job.

For example in a job, a client puts up a price of 100,000 for the cost of completing a job.

There, you can indeed put a bid price lower or higher than the offered price.

Lowering prices is a good strategy so you can get a job.

However, if it’s too low, you yourself will feel unmotivated working on it.

E. Get The Job Done With Full Responsibility

In completing the work, you will be given a deadline in the work of a project.

Try it after the job is approved, you’ll be able to do it as soon as possible.

Report the progress of creating a job every day to get the client to know that you’re doing the job.

Do not hesitate to ask the client about the important terms or points in the work of a project.

Because, it would be better if you revised it now than when it was finished, but it should be revised again because it does not comply with the initial provisions of the client.

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2. Find Opportunities By Participating in Contests or Design Contests

On this contest or design contest platform there are hundreds of projects per month that you can participate in.

Here, you also don’t have to spend time completing your profile or portfolio, as you do on the freelancer marketplace.

In addition, you can also directly send your design to clients who have contests. However, keep in mind that if you enter this contest or contest, if your design is not selected, then you will not get paid.

Each contest is usually followed by 50 other designers and only one designer will be selected. sometimes clients will choose more than one, but that is quite rare.

To make it happen, if you’ve already created a design for the contest but didn’t win, you can sell your design on the digital asset marketplace, which will be explained later in the discussion.

Usually, design contests are divided into several rounds.

Each round, the client will request a revision in accordance with his or her direction.

Therefore, it is important for you to read the client brief well.

In the first round, you don’t have to create the perfect design, the majority of the designers will give you a basic concept and then it will be refined in each round of revisions.

If you want to enter this contest, you have to register with the marketplace, then you have to take the test that will be given by each marketplace.

Basically, you’ll be given a brief to create a design that will then be reviewed by the staff of the marketplace, whether the design you created meets the brief or not.

Here’s an example of a marketplace that provides contests or design contests:

Sribu (local)
99Designs (international)
DesignCrowd (international)

3.Create Digital Works and Sell Them to the Digital Marketplace

As explained earlier, you can also sell your designs on the digital asset marketplace.

But actually, what is a digital marketplace?

If you have digital works, such as design, ebooks, videos or music and audio.

You can also sell it on a specialist digital marketplace.

Then the client will usually buy your work through the marketplace tersebt.

However, in order to be able to sell your work on the marketplace, the digital work you have must pass the manual screening stage first.

Arguably, the products available in the digital marketplace are quality products.

Meanwhile, the digital marketplace that has been widely used by people, is:

.11 miles away
Shutterstock (for photographers)

4.Become an App or Website Tester

When a company wants to launch its newly developed application, of course they need quality assurance software or tester software.

A tester is responsible for planning quality assurance, absence of bugs (errors), performing analysis, and reporting at the time the tester has collected bugs that occur in the application, through two commonly used methods, namely manual testing and automation testing.

However, to become a software tester of course, it is also necessary to use the language of programming.

Because when you do the job as a software tester and use the automation testing method will use the script to find out how many bugs are happening in the system.

5. Full Time Investor

One more job that can be done at home is investors.

As long as you have gadgets and internet then easily access to stocks or sites where you invest money can be opened.

A job as an investor will be very promising if you are able to maximize it and take every opportunity available.

Example: Warren Buffett managed to accumulate most of his wealth through his ability as an investor when he was 13 years old.

Surely the income earned through work as an investor will not be limited, depending on your ability to analyze.

The more experts you analyze, the greater the passive income opportunities and gains you can make.

Investing is not as complicated or scary as we make it happen.

For starters you can try funding in peer to peer lending through KoinP2P from KoinWorks.

Here you can learn fundamental analysis, which is basically the same principle as funding at KoinWorks.

You can start funding with a fairly small amount, which is only Rp100,000, to have an effective return starting from 18% per year.

In addition, you can also enjoy the compounding effect that emphasizes the concept of flowering flowers.