Wow, These 5 Apps Would Help You To Regulate The Use of Your Skincare

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Nowadays, smartphone applications are becoming one of the fields of technology that is rapidly emerging in various sectors. Many applications have been launched to facilitate community activities. This is none other than smartphone users who continue to increase.

Not only mobile banking applications, games, ridesharing, but smartphone applications have begun to develop into the beauty field. There are several smartphone applications that can help you to regulate the use of skincare, provide complete information about a beauty product, to help monitor the current condition of your skin.

These are the following list has been collected by from various sources:


Many beginners in terms of facial care who find it difficult to apply skincare because of the many products that must be used. Especially if the product or step must be done up to 10 steps, many find it difficult.

If you feel that way then the SkinSmart smartphone application can be the best choice application. This free downloadable application has a function to keep track of what skincare routine you have to do, including the products that must be used.

SkinSmart not only functions to organize the use of skincare, but is also able to record the current state of facial skin. So later you can know easily what products are not suitable for use on the face.


Sunlight is one thing that must be avoided if you want healthy, well-maintained skin. In fact there are many bad effects that are given by the sun if your skin directly affects it for a long time.

Radiation caused by sunlight or UV light can accelerate aging so that your skin looks older. Even long-term UV rays can cause skin cancer. Because it is mandatory for you to avoid dangerous sunlight.

UVLens are able to help you avoid dangerous sunlight by providing information about UV light levels based on your location. In addition, you can also get important information about how long your skin can be exposed to direct sunlight without clothes covered or the use of sunscreen.


As with food, beauty products also have their own expiration periods. Usually the expiry period or also known as PAO can be seen on the back of the product packaging. But unfortunately there are still many of you who forget the expiration date of the product used.

This is very dangerous, because expired products are at risk of causing dangerous side effects on your facial skin. To avoid this, you can download and install the BeautyKeeper application on your smartphone.

This BeautyKeeper is useful to help you remember the expiry time of the product based on the date the product was first opened. If the product will expire in the near future then this application will provide notification.

That way, you will never forget the product expiration date. In addition to going through the date the product was first opened, BeautyKeeper can also record and read the expiry of beauty products via barcode scanning.

Think Dirty

In buying and using a beauty product, it is important for you to know what the ingredients are. This is important because good product content will have a good effect on your facial skin, and vice versa.

Think Dirty is the best smartphone application that can help you find out what content is contained in a product. There are at least 350,000 products in the Think Dirty database so you can more easily obtain information and compare products based on content.

How to use this application is also easy, you only need to scan the barcode through the application. Automatically, the Think Dirty application will provide complete information about the products you have scanned. In addition, this application also has a rating system that can be used as an indicator of the safety of a product.

Skincare Regimen Organizer

The latest smartphone application for beauty is Skincare Regiment Organizer. But unfortunately this application is only designed for DECIMEN products such as NIOD, Hylamide, and The Ordinary. If you use these products, this application will be very helpful.

Skincare Regimen Organizer can help you to choose products that are suitable and in accordance with your current skin. In addition, this application also provides a calendar that can help you monitor the skincare routine.

There is also an alarm that will remind when it’s time to take care of facial skin. Unlike other free applications, to use Skincare Regimen Organizer you have to pay $3

Install Beauty Applications as Needed

By installing the beauty application above, you can be more organized in beauty treatments, so you can look more beautiful. However, select the application that suits your needs only. That way, you can focus more on using the application, the treatment results will also be more leverage.