Verizon54 “Technical support ” Cheats users to Scam sites

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Over the past few weeks, I personally have received some potentially harmful calls from the numbers that appear as  “Technical support” on my phone, likely because I have a Verizon Wireless service. The phone number associated with  “Technical Support ” is (800) 922-0204 and incidentally is the official Verizon customer service number (see here), then the reason arises as if it had become my contact…

So, what’s wrong with the number? Scam companies seem to cover a call to a user with that number, asking them to go to a third party scam site that checks their login info and who knows what else. As you can imagine, it might deceive a lot of people if it appears as official looks as  “technical support.”

The call I received told me that I had received a special gift of $54, and that to receive the payment, I had to go to They even threw, “because, at Verizon, we care about you,” line to help seal the deal. As you can see at the top of this post, Google has marked the site as a phishing site and warns you not to log in if you try. If you do, and actually provide your login info, scammers can use that info to do all sorts of damage, starting with accessing your Verizon account.

We’re not sure how long this scam will continue, but it has filled in 1-800 tracking sites for a few weeks now. This is definitely a scam. Please be careful if you receive a call from “technical support.”