How-To Insert : Galaxy S7 Open Micro SD card slot

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With the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung brings back the MicroSD card slot into a lot of fun. While they may have missed the Android Adoptable storage 6.0, there might not be a big problem, as they still allow you to move apps to an inserted SD card and utilize cards up to 200GB. Since many of you may come to the S7 or S7 Edge from the previous Galaxy device and have not seen the latest implementation of Samsung from the SD card slot, we thought we’d share it with you today.

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If you’re coming from the Moto X Pure Edition, you’ll know how it works, but what Samsung does here is to turn the phone’s SIM tray into a microSD tray as well. The SIM tray (and the S7 take the nano-SIM) is located at the top of the phone and can be ejected using the included SIM tool that Samsung left in the box with all phone guides. All you have to do is insert the appliance into the pinhole for the tray, give it a little pressure, and it will come out for granted.

Now, once you have removed the SIM tray, you will notice there are two slots: one for your nano-SIM and the other for the microSD card. In the video below, you’ll see exactly where to put each one, but you’ll also see how smooth and careful you are when doing so, especially when you slide the tray back into the phone.

It’s not a difficult process, but again, be careful.

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